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Name: Ron Bass (middle name is Pat)
             aka ([[[```RBass or ^PAT )

From: United States / Texas

My mom was a writer and I was in 5 honor societies in college. I grew up reading reference type books ... not cuz i wanted to be brainy but cuz i was the youngest and they made me look up stuff. after mom read stuff to dad and they disagreed on sumpin.....
I gotta do perfect proofreadin in the law office where i work ,,,"chat" is the only place i get to slaughter the English language.   Btw, a lotta stuff you prolly read in "Dennis the Menace" was stuff I said as a kid that my mom wrote down and sold to Hank Ketchum ... the "writer" of Dennis the Menace; so that tells ya a little bout my personality, hee hee.  Ok, also give me a break I type slow cuz i have a severe coffee and sugar shortage usually and "aint" is faster to type;  it is a contraction of "am not" often misused as " have not ... ha'nt."  ( BTW, I only have one hand, I was born with no left hand is another reason I type so well ... LOL seriously, since I was born that way it is normal to me ... I had a .400 batting average in baseball in high school and it don't keep me from doin much and I am not sensitive bout it...k? )  I  have done electronics ( circuit building and design) since the early 70s  and I build computers as a hobby.

"Never bear more than one kind of trouble at a time.   Some people bear three ...  all they have had,   all they have now,   and all they expect to have. "

  -Edward Everett Hale




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